MD Chat

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How do I register?

Follow the link on the log in page and go to “Sign Up” on the MDChat home page; fill in the required fields, and follow the simple instructions in the account-activation email you’ll receive shortly after.

How do I know if my message was received?

When a colleague receives a message from you, MDChat prompts the colleague to either confirm receipt of your message and/or respond. You can then see in your “inbox” whether or not it was confirmed.

How do I see all the messages I’ve sent and received?

Simply click the All Messages link on your main page to see a list of all your sent and received messages.

Can I send attachments?

Yes. You can attach files to messages to share with colleagues involved in a patient’s care. It is against HIPAA policy to share information with any patient not associated with you or a colleague.

Is MDChat HIPAA-Compliant?

Yes. The service conforms to all HIPAA standards for transmission of PHI (protected health information).

What type of security does MDChat use?

MDChat conforms to all HIPAA standards for transmission of protected health information (PHI). Our secure cloud-based system, developed by Mobile Health One and provided by Amazon Web Services, meets the highest security standards required by HIPAA. The system utilizes Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, including 256-bit public key encryption. These security measures ensure that the users connecting to MDChat are, in fact, connected to the intended person and that all data sent between users and the MDChat system is encrypted end-to-end. In addition, all data is encrypted in the MDChat database.

How do I unsubscribe from the service?

In your Profile page, you can unsubscribe from the service.