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Why MDChat

Tired of wasting time attempting to track down a healthcare colleague? Then MDChat from Mobile Health One is for you.

Designed for healthcare professionals by healthcare professionals, MDChat is the first HIPAA-secure online communications platform designed to improve workflow productivity within and between healthcare environments. Offering you secure, point-to-point, real-time access to other healthcare professionals – physicians, nurses, support staff and administrators – via any computer or mobile device, MDChat saves time so you can see more patients, more efficiently than ever before.

It’s a unique, powerful “on-the-go” communications tool that can improve patient care and outcomes and increase productivity throughout your organization.

Better communication for better patient care

It’s a fact: communication delay among healthcare professionals delays necessary decisions – and impedes your ability to provide a patient with high quality care. MDChat changes all that, creating a collaborative communications environment within and between healthcare organizations that:

  • Saves time and frees providers to treat more patients more efficiently than before.
  • Increases the productivity, efficacy and security of patient-related communications.
  • Improves patient care and outcomes.

Control Communications with Confidence

Using the MDChat platform, you can confidently and securely share data, information and images with any healthcare professional – anytime from anywhere – because it enables you to:

  • Include in your network any healthcare professional with whom you have – or would like to have – a working relationship.
  • Instantly communicate and share information via your network.
  • Communicate with confidence, knowing when information was read by the recipient.
  • Avoid unwanted or unsolicited messages found in other open or social networking platforms.
  • Track and organize communications for easier recordkeeping.
  • Involve a patient in the information sharing process, at your discretion.

Build your patient base

Strengthen relationships and connectivity with referring healthcare professionals with MDChat’s patent-pending networking technology platform that gives you access to:

  • Both physician and non-physician referral sources, such as nurses and nurse practitioners, physical therapists, psychologists, social workers, dieticians and other allied healthcare professionals.
  • A tracking system that enables members to make intelligent referrals to best-in-class providers based on search criteria and recommendations of other members.

Secure platform eliminates HIPAA technology risks

MDChat conforms to all HIPAA standards for transmission of protected health information (PHI). Our secure cloud-based system, developed by Mobile Health One and provided by Amazon Web Services, meets the highest security standards required by HIPAA. The system utilizes Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, including 1024-bit public key encryption. These security measures ensure that the users connecting to MDChat are, in fact, connected to the intended person and that all data sent between users and the MDChat system is encrypted end-to-end. In addition, all data is encrypted in the MDChat database.